Emergency Roof Repairs


Local Professional roofing  is supposed to be your safe space, your haven away from the rest of the world, but that can only happen when you have a solid roof above your head.  Homeowners often take their roof for granted and never pay attention to maintenance or upkeep…until something happens like the need for emergency roof repairs .  That can prove to be an expensive mistake, small roofing problems can become very big problems quickly.

The Weather

One of the biggest contributors to problems with your roof is our good old Canadian weather.  Heat and hail storms in summer along with the mountains of snow that can fall in the winter can all wreak havoc on your roof and before you know it you have a leak.  It doesn’t matter the roofing material on your home, weather is still the biggest enemy.  Although tornadoes and hailstorms can be pretty rare when they do happen the damage is extensive.  The same happens in the winter, when you have heavy snowfall melting and the tiniest of leaks, it’s not long before you have water running inside your home.

Emergency Roof Repairs

When our team shows up after an emergency the first thing we are going to do is to stop the elements from coming into your home.  We use heavy duty tarps to cover the roof of your home and keep out the rain, snow and winds.  This will also help prevent the damage from spreading and losing even more shingles.  You won’t find us using the cheaper blue tarps that you are familiar with.  They aren’t durable enough to withstand strong winds and we never trade off a homeowners safety in order to save money.

Assessing the Damage

Once our team has your home protected from further damage and have made sure that no more rain can penetrate through your roof, then it is time to assess the damage.

We will thoroughly inspect all the layers of your roof to assess how extensive the damage is and the best course of action to take on getting your roof back to normal, whether a full replacement is in order or we can patch the problem areas.  We will put together a comprehensive estimate before we begin any type of work

We can work with your insurance company to save you the time and headaches.  We know how stressful this can be and we will work with our customers to the best of our ability to get your roof fixed as painlessly as possible.

If you have a roofing emergency then please contact us, we’re ready to help.