Whether your commercial property is small or large at some point it may need either repairs or a brand new flat  roof installed.  Standard Roofing Ltd, offer commercial roofing services to properties just like yours.  We do our best to ensure that during the project we keep your parking lots clear and the entryways accessible so business can continue to operate smoothly. See Superior roofing for more info

Commercial buildings have a wide variety of roofs installed and we have the experience and knowledge to work on most of them.  Here are some of the services that we can offer our clients.

Single-ply Roofing

Single-ply roofing uses a single layer of thermoset or thermoplastic as a single flexible membrane as the roof covering.  It is commonly applied over some type of insulating material.  The membrane is secured in place with mechanical fasteners, ballast or some type of adhesive.  This type of roof is commonly used because it helps reduce energy costs all year round.

Fluid Applied Roofing

This is a roofing system that you will commonly find on flat or very small sloped commercial roofs.  Liquid applied roofing will keep water from coming into your building.  Liquid applied roofing can also save you money on energy costs as it has a reflective surface.  The fluid can be applied to your roof either using a brush, roller or a sprayer; it is very similar to painting.  The fluid creates one membrane without any seams for water to get through.


This is a roofing system that takes advantage of the natural light of the sun for the building’s lighting, reducing energy consumption but as much as 80%.  There are lots of commercial building that are integrating daylighting, aside from the energy savings studies have shown it to improve the productivity in the workplace.

Solar Panel Installation

Many companies are deciding to install solar panels on their roofs and we are here to help make that happen.  Generating your own solar energy can cut your energy costs tremendously, especially if you have a good sized roof.  The tax benefits and incentives don’t hurt either.  Combine that with helping to reduce your carbon footprint and you have a win-win situation.  However not all panels are created equal and you need a good solar panel that will last for years, even in our Canadian winters.  Our team will help you find the perfect solar panels for your roof and make sure they are properly installed.