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not all roofing issues are as obvious as a bucket under a leak. Attic condensation due to improper ventilation, loose shingles or holes that are leaving the wood in the roofing exposed, blistering and cracking of the roofs surface and pooling water on the roof’s surface can all lead to long-term damage.

Or you may just have an outdated, ugly roof and need something new to improve the exterior appearance and value of your home.

Whatever your reason for needing a roofing contractor, a call to Superior Roofing is the right call to make!




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Why Choose Superior for your Calgary Roofing Needs?


At Superior Roofing, we understand that your roof is one of the most important personal and financial decisions that you will make as a homeowner. Your home in Calgary or the surrounding area is more than a building – it is your fortress, sanctuary, gathering place, recreation center, home office, a source of pride and the place where your family’s most important memories are made. It is also a valued financial asset. You need to protect your investment, and you want the exterior of your home to look great!

Choosing a respected, trustworthy roofing service is a big step in maintaining your home’s value and your satisfaction. Our professional roofing services are backed by over a decade of experience serving the Calgary area and by recommendations from our happy roofing clients on Google Reviews and HomeStars. From the first inspection of your roof to cleaning up the day the job is completed, we strive to provide the best work, with courteous and prompt service. Whether you need a simple roof repair for a few loose shingles, a more advanced roofing restoration such as an overhaul of your ventilation system, or a completely new roof, Superior Roofing contractors are the superior choice for you!